Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Lol the last time I posted was on Nov 8th 2012. That's funny.
Because today is already Jan 1st 2014. It's been a year since the last post.
Happy New Year.
I'm planning to again update this blog on a weekly basis. Not to mention I'm gonna take this chance to improve myself and the thing is, I don't see Facebook, Twitter are the medium where I tell stories and stuff. I find them somehow annoying. But, there is one media that I like most which is Instagram. My problem is that this media is not suitable for me to write my stories and tell people what am I going through, although it is not necessary to update on everything but I don't think it will be suitable enough to constantly writing a very long caption for the post on Instagram. So, I'm thinking, Blog is the way! Blogging will help me to write what I want, expressing myself, even improving myself. I just need some medium for me to write and I found that Blogging and also Tumblr, somehow will give me the chances. I honestly never wanted a lot of people to read my blog, well, it's not my intention. So, anybody who came across this blog, feel free to comment and read them.

I will do my best for this New Year!

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